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Crete May 25th- June 1st 2019

Your Inner Leadership Through Yoga and Meditation

*this event will be held in Danish

Through yoga, meditation, exercises and conversations, space and time are created for reflection. Time to consider your purpose and your personal plan that can deal with both your privacy and your work life. A special week in which you make room for yourself and enjoy the surroundings, the yoga, the meditations and the gathering. There is the opportunity to be both self-contained, surrounded by silence, beauty, immersion and being, and go in and out of the community according to their own wishes. We will be a group of 15 and live in a beautiful and unique place, Trevizan (about 30 min drive from the airport), which we have entirely for ourselves. The small cozy family-run hotel is set in a splendid olive grove, just a few hundred meters from the private beach. Trevizan offers lovely rooms, beautiful terrace and beautiful pool. A delicious, healthy and basic diet is offered.

The fixed part of the daily program the following activities are offered:

o Walking or beach trip, individually or in combination

o Morning practice with yoga and meditation

o Breakfast and community lunch and fellowship

o 'Your inner leadership' exercises and conversations about values, purposes and personal plan.

o Afternoon evening practice with yoga and meditation

o Dinner and community

There is 1 day without a fixed program and one ½ day of hiking and dinner in the mountains, which you can sign up for separately.

The morning yoga will be a blend of gentle yin stretch in conjunction with more yang-styled exercises to get in touch with the entire body and make the body and mind ready for the day. We start and end with a meditation. All yoga equipment is available on site.

Afternoon/ evening yoga is a quiet yin practice in combination with meditations and breathing exercises.


Approx ttl DKK 8,000 in shared double room when booking latest by 31 January 2019:


DKK 3,900.00 per person including material

Course fee is payable to VisionRoomDK v / Helle Lehmann upon registration.

If canceled no later than 3 months before departure, the amount may be refunded minus a fee of DKK 1,000.00. In case of later cancellation, the amount will not be refunded.

Early bird discount of dkk 1,000.00 when booking by 31 January 2019.

Stay and catering: (7 days payable in cash on arrival)

Double room: per. person in shared room Euro 290 (approx 2,200)

Single room: per. person Euro 440 (approx dkk 3,300.00)

Enrollment at Trevizan must be covered by the participant.

Most rooms are double rooms and there are only a few single rooms available.

If you want a single room, you must be prompt with registration. The price includes room, breakfast for 7 days and lunch for 6 days. Dinner is at your own expense, either at Trevizan or in one of the cozy restaurants within walking or biking distance of the hotel.

Transport: Flight and transfer

Flight costs dkk 2,900.00 t / r - incl. 20k luggage, Copenhagen or Billund to Chania, Crete.

I assist with flight booking. Ticket and payment will be made directly at the travel agency.

Flight times:

Departure Kastrup Saturdays at 06:55 arrival Chania 11:25 - airline: SAS

Departure Chania Saturdays at 12:25 arrival Copenhagen 15:00 - airline: SAS

Departure Billund Saturdays at: 07:10 arrival Chania 11:45 - Airline: Jet Time

Departure Chania Saturdays at. 12:45 Arrival Billund 15:25 - Airline: Jet Time


During the stay, you can book coaching with me and treatments (kinesiology, reflexology and massage) at local therapists coming to Trevizan.

About Helle:

My background is from management jobs in the shipping and insurance industry and I am a lawyer. From 2017, I have been working independently in management and organization and serves as a counselor and coach for career clarification and job search. At some point in time, I realized that my life and my decisions were in a way that was untenable. I simply lost contact with my mind and decided to find back to my core power and grow the joy of life. It has brought me to where I am today and gave me the courage to share my experiences. Since 2004 I have practiced yoga and in 2014/15 I took a yoga teacher training, followed by further education with focus on yin yoga and meditation. I have built a special interest and love for yin yoga, which is a quiet yoga practice focusing on more peace and freedom in mind and body. I teach in regular yoga classes and at workshops.

CRETE 2019

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