Helle Lehmann, founder

Helle Lehmann began VisionRoomDk with the drive to be a positive force in a changing climate for people and business . Over her professional career she has held senior leadership positions in corporate shipping and insurance companies, strategic planning and management roles in growing businesses, and organizational development of employee and customer relations. In addition to a Master of Law, Helle has substantial training within leadership, coaching, meditation, and is a certified yoga teacher. Having experienced that focus on inner management and a more holistic approach to business, is accelerating the ability to be present in a healthy manner in life with positive results, this is part of the way she brings balance to her work.

Through this desire to cultivate balance and discipline, VisionRoomDk was born.

Our Vision, Our Purpose

In a world of constant change, individuals and businesses must rise to new challenges. VisionRoomDk helps identify and adapt to challenges, gaining insight and solutions. Our focus is on the development of people through a holistic approach, making use of tools and practices aiming to empower the individual and support a company environment. We strive to make effective changes through positive, organizational development. Our consultants design leadership solutions specific to your company.

VisionRoomDk is committed to supporting the success of people and organizations through understanding their purpose, creation of a strong vision, including values and culture and maintaining sustainable solutions.

A foundation of our principles is inner management-  elevating the individual to become more available to oneself and thereby creating lasting and sustainable results.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Helle on leadership development for a number of years, she is a result focused leader who works through people. Helle has a clear strategic orientation and an innovative approach.

— Trude Husebo, Chief Human Resources Officer, Skuld