Leadership Development

Leadership is about leading oneself in a way to become capable of leading others and being a positive part of leadership teams locally and globally. One of the important factors is knowledge of the self and how to become positively disciplined in the management of the leadership. That is why we work with an outset in inner management with focus on the mindset and the understanding of the processes we initiate.   

Starting with what is already running well is leading the way to a healthy development, from where expansion arise.

Coaching and Counselling

We believe that it is possible to elevate people and organizations in a mindful, sustainable manner. Through supporting the individual in the understanding of their purpose and gain profound insight into who they are, their ability to navigate in a productive way, professionally and personally, will increase. The methods we use in our coaching and counselling practice takes outset in a holistic understanding of the mind and are individually formed in respect of the differences we hold.

Leadership and Health

We assist companies in evaluating their health profile by including the physical, mental and the nutritional state through a holistic process. The purpose is to strengthen the body and mind of the individual. The result is a positive influence on the companies internal culture and results. Together, with the company, we create sustainable solutions which focus on the leadership and the level of health in the organization. An in-depth understanding of the companies purpose and direction for the future must be revealed and included in the development of the people and business to fully explore positive changes. VisionRoomDk works with the individual and organization to implement strategy, map tactical goals, and guide success of operational management teams.


Strategy work in continually changing times needs true focus on the purpose of the company and the individual understanding of the meaning of their contribution to the results of the company. Within the scope of the companies needs and requirements, we assist in facilitating the strategy development, cultural adjustments, and implementation.

Yoga and Meditation

With focus on a better and more appropriate balance in mind and body, we work on programs in yoga studios and for companies. The unique effect that yoga and meditation has on the well-being and the positive effect on the physical and mental agility, is utilized in the training and is strengthening the ability to keep focus and cultivate discipline.  

It is a great desire to be able to pass on experiences with yoga and meditation within leadership and show opportunities for greater freedom and space in the body and mind and at the same time assisting people in more peace and joy both in their working and private life.